Pong Updated

a new version for original Pong

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PongUpdated was developed under 6 hours for DesignFest 2017 event and was selected as Best Game by Gram Game engineers & designers.

The game is simple (at least the goal is) you have a ball and one curvy puck, on the other hand, CPU (or your friend when played multi) has another. You pass the ball to each other as the ball takes the color of the curve it touches when a goal is scored the point is given according to the ball’s color. So if a goal is scored with the ball being blue you get a point but if the goal is scored with the ball being green enemy gets the point…

Well, we also have SUPERPOWERS to help you (or your enemy) out:

1-Slow: Slows down the player who touched the ball last. 2-Speed: It’s like slow, but much quicker. 3-Reverse: This superpower effects all two players, when a player touches the ball it takes the color of its opponent. (Can be VERY confusing) 4-Frozen: When this “superpower” is taken the player who took it is trapped in a parallel universe for some time… (so player’s puck cannot move) (yes it affects the one who took it)


-Complete unique achievements gain more XP and level up on Google Play! -Compete for becoming the BEST in the world with your scores. -Benefit “Wheelie” in order to beat any kind of bot! -Try with your friends, play MULTIPLAYER!

Update Notes:

-Debugs -The “Wheelie” -Credits? -Achievements

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Programmed by: Deniz Karakay Visualized & Designed by: Bora Akdoğan