a game for Swift Student Challenge 2021

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This playground has been developed by Deniz Karakay for Swift Student Challenge 2021 🎉


  • Download the zip file
  • Import it to Swift Playgrounds app (macOS version is recommended)
  • Have fun!

Welcome to the Perfect0!

Perfect0 is a game to:

  1. Entertain people,
  2. Support them to practice more,
  3. Show how easy math is,
  4. Demonstrate how easy four operations are,
  5. Force people to do multitasking

It is a PERFECT game for everyone!

How to play❓

  • 👉🏻 Check remaining number on the bottom right, you need to decrease it to reach 0️⃣
  • 👉🏼 Remove undesirable numbers or operations by clicking them.
  • 👉🏽 Let one of the numbers or operations reach the ground. This becomes your operation.
  • 👉🏾 You are able to see your operations, in the operation bar on the bottom left.
  • 👉🏿 Your operation result will be decreased from the remaining number.
  • 👉 Keep going until you reach perfect 0 🎉


Just click “Run My Code” button! To have a better performance, you should click “Run Options” button and disable “Enable results”.

Have fun becoming Perfect0!

Thanks to 😊

  • My family,
  • My brother (Cem Karakay),

For Art:

  • Colored Spheres (athile)
  • Kenney (Puzzle Pack)
  • Click icon (icon8)
  • Background (

For Sound Effects:

  • Failure 2 (Leszek_Szary)
  • Button Selected (StavSounds)
  • Grand Entrance Intro (metrostock99)
  • Removing a Cap from an Asthma Inhaler (Natty23)

For Background Music:

  • Happy Arcade Tune (rezoner)